13th of March – The day of suture removal

On 13th March, the day of my suture removal came.

The morning went on as usual. In school during the snacks break I began to realise that the time of suture removal had come. My friends started enquiring non-stop about how was doctor uncle gonna remove it. They were very scared ( “What do you mean by they’re not giving you Anesthesia?? 😱😱)

I was like its OK. It wasn’t gonna hurt much. ( That’s what I thought till I knocked on the doctors cabin, after that I was trying to save energy so that I could stop shouting once they started with the procedure 😊 )

Once I entered the Procedure room ( the place where my dressings used to take place), I began feeling super scared. But to my relief when they started to remove it,  they first took something like a scissor to catch my wires, then the doctor twisted the wire as if he was unscrewing a screw and then pulled out the first wire.> Zoop< went on the second and third wire after the same procedure. It hurt a little only in the last wire, but that was fine.

Then we hired an auto to go to the physiotherapist, he took a look at the X ray and we started with physiotherapy the most painful part of the whole procedure.

Now I am having a routine, go to school in the morning, sleep in the afternoon, go to play in the evening and physiotherapy at night, just before sleep.

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8th March. The day of my last dressing

On 8th March, I called Citizen’s hospital to book an appointment of 2:00 pm, for a regular dressing as I felt that my old dressing had become dirty.

On reaching the hospital, we visited the doctor and he advised for an X-ray to check the progress of my bone.

I went to the X-ray room to get my X-ray done. The nurse asked me to put my hand in the same way she had asked me to put when I first visited the hospital with my broken hand, but it didn’t pain much, thanks to my bandage, plaster, support.

After the X-ray was done, the doctor looked at it for a minute, and he was like, “It looks great. We’ll get your K-wires removed coming Wednesday ( 13th of March ).

It was very Great moment for me….

I was very happy. At last, freedom to do whatever I want, ride my cycle, play badminton with help of a little bit of physiotherapy. Nothing was painful. Everything seemed fine. Until……..

The day of suture removal came

The first day of my ninth grade


On the first day of my ninth grade, I was very excited that the school was going to shuffle the sections and even more excited for in which section I might be?

As I reached our old class, I sat with all our friends together for the last time.

Then class teachers of various section began to pour in and took the students of their sections with them, while many others began to storm in our class.

Me and Nikhil were in the same old section, D section.

Our new class teacher was a Maths teacher.

We started our first period with introduction of the teacher to us and vice versa.

We also shared our ambitions with our class teacher with cosmologist and physicist being mine and Nikhil’s respectively.

The next day I was surprised when I learnt that I was shifted to C section and Nikhil was still in D.

The following day Nikhil also shifted to C section, I made new friends and school began as usual.

The day of my results :(

The day which I had dreaded the most had come……………..

I had known my Maths marks earlier as our teacher had declared the marks in the class on the last day of school.

As our school approached nearer I began to get scared. I felt my brain in a storm of possibilities on my result, what if I failed? what if my marks were way below the satisfactory level? and what not.

As I reached the school, I went nervously up to my class and sat in front of my teacher who gave me my report and and I said a last prayer before I opened my report card.

I slowly opened it……….. To my surprise………..

I had got good Marks in nearly all subjects, except Maths…. I had scored 69 out of 80 and above 73 in all my subjects.  I was promoted to 9th class >Phew!!!!!<

All the relatives were calling to enquire about my result and I joked with many of them that I had failed. 🙂

13th of February- The day my exams started

On 13th of February 2019, my final exams had started and I was practicing continuously to increase my writing speed and my handwriting ( though they were the equivalent to oral exams, we had to write them ).

I increased my study time and lessen my time on the blog….. 🙂

The main exams were from 18th, the first exam being math….. followed by English, science, Hindi, Social Studies and Sanskrit.

I was allowed to write my exam in a special room near the Principal’s cabin called Examination Cell which had nearly complete silence, not pin drop but better than anywhere else in the school.

The examination cell was a place where the teachers made question papers and the non-teaching staff printed them, so the continuous sound of the printer ( yet non disturbing) ching-ching-ching and ka-ching when the machine ran out of papers.

I was allowed to come to school at around ten o clock in the morning and write the exam as long as I liked, but I usually finished the smaller exams in half an hour but it took anywhere between two and half to three hours to complete the main subjects depending on the question paper.

I was the happiest and  the saddest person when the exams ended, you ask why?

Happiest for the exams had ended, no more revision,  no more mucking up and full week of pure freedom.

But the saddest for two reasons:-

  1. For the fun I missed with my friends during the last day and
  2. Waiting for the result, which means I had the pure scary feeling even during the pure freedom period……………

Saturday – My discharge day

On Saturday I.e second of February, I was supposed to get discharge (just if the red thing in the compressor ( vacuum suction device actually) was less than 25 ml, luckily it was less so I could go to my home at last. I watched two movies in the afternoon ( I even had a nap in between ) and then the doctor visited me in the evening and told me that he was gonna change my dressing, I was like how are you going to cut through the plaster and put it over all again???He was like have patience.Wait and watch.

He then opened up the crepe bandage and then I realized that they had put layers of things called soft roll, ortho roll which were basically cotton. My father clicked a photo of what it looked like inside. It looked like………

The inside part of my bandages

After the dressing was done, my sister arrived and we went home. My sister lovingly fed me a sweet before going home.


That day onward, my daily routine started.

Every day I got up at 8 in the morning, had my bathe by 10, studied a little for my upcoming  exams and a little bit of time pass of course. then I had lunch at 2 pm and I dozed off up to 4 pm. Then I went to a walk in the apartment building. By 9 pm I was off sleeping again. This continued for all the days until…… 13th of February ( that’s when my exam started )

Keep reading my blog to know what bizarre things happened next……….

The next morning

The next morning I was up to find a few changes in me ( I had observed them last night but now I closely inspected them.

Instead of having only a support to my hand, I also had a bandage sort of thing and my hand in a sling. I had something like a compressor to the left hand with something red in it.( Hey, I know you might be thinking that its blood, but it wasn’t. It was something called drain I.e the thing left out after the surgery.)

As soon as this was done, a nurse came and gave me my morning tablets, a bed bath, checked my oxygen, Blood pressure and everything.

After a while I had my breakfast, one dosa and two huge irregular shaped idlis. I only had the dosa and one idly and I began to feel very full.

That day I was under doctors observation. Around eleven am the doctor paid a visit followed by a physiotherapist who told me all sorts of exercises I was supposed to do, like move my fingers, move my shoulder upwards and sidewards. I watched a film, read my favorite magazine, Tinkle and by eight ay night I was sleeping again.

After the surgery ( 1st Feb 2019)

img-20190205-wa0008After the surgery was done ( I don’t know when ,how but I know it was done in the OT. (Check out my hand after surgery in the picture above)

I woke up with ( in an unknown place) my eyelids still heavy to find my father trying to talk to me. I tried to reply and replied to a few questions and fell asleep again. After a while ( an hour ) I woke up to find myself in that same unfamiliar room. There were some more patients lying there on the bed. The time was 11:00 pm and I got to know that I was under doctor’s observation for  any side effects of anesthesia ( that too in the ICU ).

At that time, the uncle who administered anesthesia to me ( also known as anesthesiologist ) came to me and asked if I had any pain or vomiting sensation. I was like no. He checked the BP, oxygen and what not again and told that I was perfect. I thanked him for the work he had done ( putting me to sleep using anesthesia when it would have hurt me  the most.)

By 12:30 am I was getting desperate to go to my room, as I started to feel bored and sleepy in that super silent ICU.I couldn’t even sleep thanks to the loud snores of my room mates ( rather ICU mates Continue reading “After the surgery ( 1st Feb 2019)”

What happens when you have a fracture (and when you realise it)

The world went blank for me. Many people formed a crowd around me and tried their level best to help me. But there was no one to whom I could listen to. I started asking the people who gathered around me if they had a phone in the most polite way I could ( I was screaming though). No one had a phone. I was literally shocked, nowadays people die without their phones but these people, they didn’t have a phone.

Nikhil ran hither and thither to find a phone, but he had no luck finding one. My friend Abhishek also was frantic in calling my mother. His efforts helped me gain confidence .Just then a teacher from our school arrived at the spot,she had a phone. Phew. Nikhil called my mother, she said she would come and I talked to her.

After a few seconds, or previous neighbor Saroj aunty came over there. She asked me to get up so wet could go to her house till my mother arrived. I kept on refusing saying my hand was hurting. She consoled me and told me that my hand was injured, not my leg, so I could walk and stand-up.

After a lot of time(well a minute or something) I finally agreed. My friends helped me get up and sit on auntie’s scooty. We then went to her home. I laid myself down on a bed.

My mother came after a while, she saw the swelling(my bone actually) and called my father asking him to get the car to take me to the hospital. My father came there in five minutes and we set out for the hospital.

The road to the hospital was rather bumpy at spots so I held my left hand with my right hand to bring down the effect of the jerks.

When we reached the hospital, a nurse took me in a wheelchair and we went to the doctor’s cabin. He asked us to get A X-ray.

In the X-ray room, the nurse asked me to put my left hand on the table and sit on a chair which was much lower, it pained like anything. I began to plead the nurse to allow me to stand, but no luck. The nurse was like she couldn’t get a proper X ray unless I sat.I sat. The X ray took only 2-3 seconds but they seemed an eternity. The X-ray came out. I had been diagonised with Supra Condylar fracture of the left humerus ( that’s what it said on the file)

He looked at the X-ray and advised for surgery the same day. Then the nurse took me to a place with lots of beds, made me lay on one and collected my blood samples, checked my BP,oxygen and many other things.

Then I was shifted to my room, there I changed into my OT gown and called Nikhil to let him know about the planned surgery.

At 6:50pm, a nurse came with a wheelchair in my room, I had to go for the surgery.
I was taken to the Operation Theater and was made to lay on a bed, then I was asked to stretch my right hand and then the world began to grow darker,my eyelids heavier and my senses dumber.(I was under the influence of General Anesthesia.)

That’s me just before going to the surgery👇


The big day 31st Jan 2019

On 31st Jan, the sun rose in the East, (well, I didn’t believe that because, the thing which I never expected to happen in my life, happened😰)

The day started as usual, I started for school sharp at eight. I caught up with Nikhil, a friend of mine. We chatted up our way to school. The day went up exciting and fast in the first half as we had all the favorite subjects up-to the fifth period, but the second half was boring and slow.

As we were coming home from school, in Doyens township (the place in which or school is located and it also happens to be the colony in which we used to live earlier) I was very happy to enjoy after a slow paced day. I wanted to shout in happiness but, in a moment everything changed……

The chain of my cycle got struck and my cycle stopped suddenly, I was confused and lost balance. I fell down along with the cycle on my left side with my bag on my left hand. I began to scream in pain. My best friend Nikhil, Just threw his Cycle where he was and rushed towards me, he tried his level best to console me but sadly I didn’t need and consoling, I thought I needed a doctor.

I thought that I had a fracture, but questioned myself, did such a small fall cause fracture? No!!! Of course not. Even in the worst case, if I had one, it would be a hairline fracture which would get healed by going to some doctor, where he would put a bandage to immobilize my left hand and remove the bandage after a week or two.

Then I asked Nikhil to pull me up so we could continue on our journey. He let me a hand I lent him my right hand and tried to get up, but my left hand started paining like the lower part of my hand was dangling with just a piece of one thin nerve.

I looked down, I really saw my hand sort of dangling and my upper part of hand trying to move away from the lower part. My wildest imaginations had come true, I had a fracture in my left hand.

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